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19-03-2018 14:30 - Silves
Conference I | New trends in Cultural Tourism  

Place: Municipal Archaeological Museum

New trends in Cultural Tourism - From visits to experience promotion: Content production.

Reflexion about the importance of bringing innovation in the content production to support the visit, heritage interpretation and transmission of material and immaterial heritage associated to sites. The importance of using various artistic manifestations: music, singing, visual arts, dancing, poetry, theatre, performances. Presentation of cases and technical guidelines in the production of contents to visitors.

Cultural and artistic projects
Contents, communities and tourism

Madalena Vitorino 
Choreographer, teacher and programmer. Responsible for the project Lavrar o Mar

Develop Creative Tourism Destinations in Small Size Cities and Rural Areas

Alexandra Rodrigues Gonçalves
Culture Regional Director of the Algarve
20-03-2018 14:30 - Silves
Conference II – New trends in Cultural Tourism

Place: Municipal Archaeological Museum

New trends in Cultural Tourism - New technologies at the service of cultural equipments and activities

Exchange of experiences about the relation of new technologies with visits and cultural contents transmission.

The surrounding Museum. Interaction and narrative.

Mário Vairinhos
University of Aveiro

Technical guidelines in the production of contents to visitors

Pedro Pereira
General Manager of byAR

New technologies: Potential for content transmission

Miguel Oliveira
Co-Founder Edigma
21-03-2018 14:30 - Monchique
Conference III – The educational service allied to cultural equipments and heritage

Palce: Town Hall, Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho

Innovative methodologies to boost educational services related to heritage and culture, aiming the community appropriation of the territory’s cultural, material and immaterial values. Presentation of success cases, in practice in other territories.


Educational experiences from the Cacela's Heritage Centre of Research and Information.

Catarina Oliveira
Cacela’s Heritage Centre of Research and Information, CMVRSA (Vila Real de Santo António Municipality)

The Municipal project, Local Heritage, in schools within the extracurricular activities – AEC’s

Artur de Jesus
Vila do Bispo Municipality

Creativity, Education and Museums

Alexandra Pires
Museum of Loulé
22-03-2018 14:30 - Monchique
Conference IV – Management models of heritage and tourism

Place: Town Hall Monchique, Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho

Promote the reflection about management models and its suitability/adjustment to tourism activity. Presentation of innovative cases of relation between heritage management and tourism.

Which Management for Heritage?

José Gameiro
Scientific Director of Portimão’s Museum, Director of ICOM Portugal and Jury President of the EMYA - European Museum of the Year Award and Council of Europe Museum Prize (CoE)

Decentralization of the Heritage Management in Portugal

Catarina Valença Gonçalves 
Artur Vieira de Jesus
He was born in Lisbon, in 1975. He has a degree in History, from the University Autónoma of Lisbon and he is a senior official in Vila do Bispo Municipality, since 2001. Among other regular functions in the municipal service, he also develops intense work on the local history research, on its promotion and disclosure.
He wrote several articles and 4 books dedicated to Culture, Art, History, events and personalities of Vila do Bispo”, “Vila do Bispo – A Journey through its History” (2006), “Journey to Heaven – reflections around death and a funerary monument in the Prazeres Cemetery, Lisbon” (2011), “Vila do Bispo – Place of Meetings I” (2013) and “Vila do Bispo – Place of Meetings II” (2017).
In his professional life, it also stands out the communications spoken within the 1st International Congress (Sanctuaries – Culture, Art, Pilgrimages, Peregrinations, Landscapes and People” (Alandroal – 2014), the Nature Tourism Biennial (Aljezur – 2014), the XV National Meeting of Municipalities with Historic Centre (Lagos - 2014), the 59th Discoveries Meeting – “The Japan and the Western World” (Lisbon, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – 2015), the I Seminar “Potential of a Municipality - Vila do Bispo in just one day...” (Vila do Bispo – 2016), the 63rd Discoveries Meeting – “The Japan and the Western World II” (Culture Centre of Cascais – 2016), the Evocation of the First World War Centenary (E.B.).
Tecnopólis/School group Júlio Dantas, Lagos – 2017), the III Seminar of Vila do Bispo CPCJ (National Commission for Protection of Children and Young People (Vila do Bispo – 2017), the V Meeting of Algarve’s Archives (Lagoa – 2017), among others.
Alexandra Pires
She is a Archaeology Senior Officer, at the Municipal Museum of Loulé (since 2008). She has a degree in History variant Archaeology, from the University of Lisbon. She works in the areas of archaeology and heritage education.
After several years of exclusive dedication to archaeology, she became interested in cultural mediation and non-formal education in museum context. She is responsible for the educational services of the Municipal Museum of Loulé, since 2013.
Alexandra Rodrigues Gonçalves
Is the Culture Regional Director of Algarve and assistant teacher in the University of Algarve, School of Hotel Management and Tourism, where she teaches scientific contents of Tourism, Hotel Management and Social Sciences. She was councillor of Faro’s Town Council.
She has a doctorate degree in Tourism, from the University of Évora with the thesis public defence: “the material culture, the musealization and the tourism:the appreciation of tourism experience in national museums”. Master in Cultural Management, specialized in Cultural Heritage Management and Administration, from the University of Algarve (cooperation with the University Paris-8, in Sorbonne) with the thesis public defence: “The cultural element in urban tourism as a complementary offer to the product sun and beach in the Algarve: Degree in Marketing with previous training in Tourism (Bachelor).
Catarina Oliveira
She has a degree in History variant Archaeology (1994) and a Master degree in Local and Regional History (1999) from the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon.
She is a Cultural Heritage senior official in local municipalities since 1998, being, currently, responsible for the Cacela’s Heritage Centre of Research and Information, in Vila Real de Santo António Municipality, where she works in the areas of scientific research; communication, interpretation and promotion of heritage and cultural landscapes;cultural programming and heritage education.
In this area she has been responsible for the design and promotion of educational and thematic projects specially oriented for the 1st and 2nd stages of Basic Education. It stands out: Enchanted Moorish Women and Spells in the Algarve”, “Old knowledge, new ways of doing it”, “Professional activities in the Algarve’s coast, barrocal and hillsWhat is the function of plants“, “Ancient uses of Algarve’s flora”, “What did our grandparents eat?Diet in Algarve’s leewardOur grandparents’ houses”, “Algarve’s folk architecture” and “Cyclical Festivities”, “Discovering the festive traditions along the year”.
She has also been coordinating educational actions within the project “Discovery of the 4 cities” (with schools from the brother municipalities of Fundão, Marinha Grande, Montemor-o-Novo and Vila Real de Santo António). It stands out: “Heritage of our play”, “Sites and dates with tales”, “Animals, herbs and company. “Discovering the 4 cities’ fauna and flora”, “From mouth to ear.”, “Discovering the 4 cities’ oral heritage” and “Around with water. “Discovering water heritages in the 4 cities”.
She has coordinating the release of several teaching resources related to educational projects (books, games and interactive CD-Rom’s).
She published books and several articles and itineraries about archaeology, history and ethnography. As a researcher, she has developed and collaborated with various projects about cultural heritage, history and archaeology.
Catarina Valença Gonçalves
PhD in History of Contemporary Art, from the University Nova of Lisbon and specialised in Tourism and Culture, Catarina started her career in GECoRPA but she had already collaborated in numerous projects such as the Fresco Route or the Architectonic Heritage Inventory, from the General-Directorate of National Monuments. In 2007, she founded the company Spira specialized in heritage revitalization with projects related to cultural heritage, where she is the General Manager.
José Gameiro
Scientific director of the Museum of Portimão is, since 2015, Chair of the EMYA  Judging Panel, the European Museum of the Year Award and Council of Europe Museum Prize. Master in Cultural Heritage Management and Administration, from the University of Algarve, he is member of the Board of the Portuguese Commission of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-Portugal), 2017/2020. Counsellor of the Museum Department, the Conservation and Restoration and the Immaterial Heritage, from the National Council of Culture (since 2010), for which he was nominated in the capacity of “renowned personality”. Founding member of the Portuguese Museums Network (2000) and Algarve’s Museums Network (2007). He has been a museum professional, professor and trainer in museology and industrial heritage, being responsible for the coordination and planning of exhibitions, projects and national and international partnership activities for the Museum of Portimão.
Madalena Victorino
She was born in Lisbon and she is a choreographer, teacher and artistic/cultural programmer. She studied and graduated in contemporary dance, choreographic composition and art pedagogy at The Place, London School of Contemporary Dance, Laban Centre/Goldsmith's College, University of London and at the Exeter University, during the 70s and 80s, in the United Kingdom. Since then, she lives in Portugal and in this three past decades, her work has become known due to the development of several cultural and artistic projects with a community dimension, which are always oriented to a closeness between speech and artistic practice and the society in general. She is also interested in young audience and creates, between 1996 and 2008, the first space of international artistic fruition programming for younger audience, in the Centre of Education and Cultural Animation, at Centro Cultural de Belém, in Portugal.
Mario Vairinhos
From Loulé, Mário is Professor at the Department of Communication and Arts of the University of Aveiro since 2001, researcher in the area of Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction, with particular interest in tangible Media and Mixed Reality. At the same time develops Digital Art work and Museography projects in interaction design. He was co-founder and editor of Mimesis Contemporary Art journal. Graduated in 1996 in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra, in 2001 obtained the Master degree in Digital Arts at the School of Arts of Porto, Portuguese Catholic University. He holds a PhD in Communication Sciences and Technologies from the University of Aveiro and University of Porto.
Pedro Pereira
With the conviction that Augmented Reality (AR) is part of our present and future, Pedro created, in 2015, the byAR Augment Your Reality, a company which designs and develops digital environments based in AR technologies. In the past two years he developed new concepts and ways of interaction using devices from the future, such as Microsoft Hololens.
He started in 2001 as a researcher and later he was responsible for the Virtual and Augmented Reality Group from the Centre for Computer Graphics (CCG) and participated in some international projects for the development of augmented reality technologies for museums, such as the Virtual showcase. During the following 10 years, he held different management positions in the areas of Digital and Interactive Projects, Sales and Marketing. During this period, he was responsible for designing digital interactive environments for different purposes, namely museums, showrooms and shops.
With basic training in Arts, he graduated in Computer Graphics Engineering and later in Computer Engineering. He has a MBA with specialization in Marketing, from the Catholic Business School of Porto/ESADE in Barcelona and more recently, he participated in the course Executive Leading Brands from the Catholic Business School of Lisbon. He is also a regular presence in conferences, workshops and seminars about Augmented Reality and Digital Experience.
Miguel Oliveira
Miguel finished is doctarate degree (PhD) in Marketing and New Technologies, after completing a degree in Markteing Management.
Miguel began his professional life as a Consultant & Bussiness Manager for the United States, Canada and Latin America with AEP (the Portuguese Business Association), before founding Edigma. 
Edigma's excellence has been recognized by the press and interactive market specialists, being considered one of the 200 most innovative companies in the world by Red Herring, USA and already appeared in prestigious media like Techland (Time's technology blog), Wired, Engadget, The Register, Der Spiegel or Folha de São Paulo.
Miguel ins connected to various projects, has published several articles and lectures in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.